About Us

We are here to celebrate, enjoy, and be inspired by the unique poetry and artwork of the Japanese nun Otagaki Rengetsu (1791-1875). Rengetsu is one of the most remarkable women in Japanese history, and she now has many fans all over the world.  Her work is widely collected, east and west.  The Rengetsu Circle will  feature examples of Rengetsu’s work in the realms of calligraphy, painting, and pottery,  with translations and commentary by Professor John Stevens, recognized as one of the foremost experts on Rengetsu’s life and art. Prof. Stevens is  providing a biography of Rengetsu that will run in installments over the next  few months. Many other topics regarding Rengetsu’s fascinating  life and art will be covered as well.  We will be adding items weekly.

The Rengetsu Circle is hosted and sponsored by Robyn Buntin of Honolulu.  We have had the great pleasure of dealing in original paintings, calligraphies, and pottery by Otagaki Rengetsu over the years.  With the approval of the new owners of these works of art, we present to you a gallery of items and scholarly research that we feel should be shared for the enjoyment of those who are inspired by Rengetsu’s life and works.  Her poetry, life history, and artwork have enriched our lives and we hope you enjoy this archive.

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